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Looking for the Inflection Point – Tracking COVID-19

At Hatcher+, we are laser-focused on early-stage venture capital and using data to improve likely returns for investors. However, this weekend, I took a break from our regular focus to look at the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus spreading throughout the world.

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The Power of Venture

Venture returns are often characterized as having a ‘power curve’ distribution. We have also noted this in our assessment of venture returns. We get a fair number of questions in this area, so we thought a brief article could help show what this means and its implications.

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Machine Learning in Action - A Simple Example from Hatcher+

At Hatcher+, we are using machine learning to help evaluate investment opportunities.  Not coincidentally, we are looking for signals that can’t easily be manipulated*.  This is analogous to Google’s early use of the link graph on the web as a leading signal, rather than page content.  Of...

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The Top 10 Target Countries for Early Stage Investment

When we do research into venture investing at Hatcher+, we slice and dice our early stage investment data in many different ways.  At the highest level, we filter by geography, sector, and investment round.  Geographically, our deployment approach reaches every area of the globe - this is a...

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